When a designer can create this
and that

but also this 

When he can smoothly go from this 

to this

when he can just as happily send his collection down the runway on this silhouette
and this one
we know we have been blessed with the genius of an extraordinary one-of-a-kind design GOD!

I had the great pleasure of meeting Jean Paul Gaultier years ago during a few business meetings when I was the designer buyer for the Paris department store Le Printemps. He was already quite a fashion icon and yet there was not an ounce of haughtiness or self importance in him. Quite the contrary. He was charming and enthusiastic and attentive to everyone. 
I saw him a few weeks later in a restaurant and smiled more out of admiration and respect rather than any wish to seem more familiar to him than I was and though he surely had not a clue who on earth I was and where he could have seen me before, he smiled very warmly back at me. Now, there is elegance and tact. 
I am off to Montreal today and will have an opportunity to go to the mind-blowing Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit (mind-blowing, so I hear from my sister who will be going there for the second time!) The show, a retrospective of J. P. Gaultier's work spanning the last 35 years, is being held at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.
I just can't wait!
I'll report on Monday. It will be a very busy 4 days, too full of day appointments and night activities to have time to produce anything worth while, I am afraid. So with apologies...

à lundi.

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