En voyage une fois de plus...
ALBERT MARQUET- Tanger, La Citadelle.

Today I fly off to Paris, then to Tangier and back to Paris and then it's the much dreaded (1st of August in France...) voyage to the Ardèche. Just my usual circuit, I know, but in the summer all this is always more compliqué.
The schedule:
The same painfully short stays in Paris 
(we absolutely need to get to Tangier ASAP this time: new exciting project- more news in due time). 
The non-stop week in Tangier 
(re the above comment...)
Finally a somewhat relaxed stay in the south of France. 
(somewhat, is the correct word, yes: there will be a lot of looking for, miraculously finding, inevitably buying/ordering and then hopefully convincing some dear available soul to deliver/install/position a lot of "stuff" like garden/pool furniture and lighting, flower pots and plants, bathroom fixtures etc. all of this in AUGUST in France, the month EVERYTHING grinds to a halt...)
Why not have planned all this beforehand and have it waiting for us upon our arrival?
Excellent question! 
Short answer: 
The last trip was too short to get everything organized as the actual work was the priority, plus: ordering anything online is great but it has its limits; I don't know about you, but to judge the color of a lounge chair on a computer is IMPOSSIBLE! they call it gray, it looks perfectly brown to me! best to wait and hope for the best.

By the way, I would not miss this trip for all the olives in Morocco, bien sur.

one last thing:
I will not be able to post in my usual way until the 22nd of August. Realistically, there will be so much to do and I am thinking that some of my time needs to be spent happily doing NO.THING!

I leave you with a scheduled daily shot of color.
You'll see.

Have a great month while I wander.

à bientot.


  1. have a wonderful summer holiday! Francine

  2. Merci Francine, and the same to you.

    And maybe we can meet in the fall...after all we are practically neighbors.
    A bientot.

  3. I hope you have a wonderful time! I so enjoy your posts, and look forward to hearing of your trip upon your return...

    xx, Sarah