I am back from my 2 week trip to France and Tangier Morocco.
If I stick to the chronological order, Tangier was first on the itinerary.

Every time we go, we try to have a meal on the docks of the fishing port. The fish could not be any fresher! and when the sun shines on the boats at noon, the view from the tables of the small fish food stands is enchanting.
They say Tangier is the Brittany of Morocco. The weather is relatively cold and damp in winter, but the other seasons are all Morocco.
The fishing port however, does remind me a lot of the Brittany coastal town of Le Conquet where we spent a number of summers and even a couple of years when we were children.

The fishermen like all fishermen, sort out and repair their colorful nets; faded green ones with bright yellow floaters, bright blue ones with smaller holes for catching sardines and all the smaller fish.

The food at the tiny restaurants is divine. You are served huge platters of  shrimp and all sorts of fish big and small, along with a glass each for water and a few pieces of paper for napkins. All of it squeaky clean. You just "dig in" with your hands, sharing the Moroccan way. Fun and authentic.
This time around, my very organised sister decided we should bring our own table settings. White, square paper plates, big gray napkins and matching plastic cutlery, the colors of her house. (Yes, they traveled in her suitcase... from Target!) A lot more convenient even if purists will say much less couleur locale. We already did couleur locale a number of times, so on this trip, a little less of that and a little more of just really enjoying the offerings without the fishy smell on our hands until we reach a bar of soap...even if a squeeze from the lemon helps a lot in that regards.

More on Morocco tomorrow.
au revoir.

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  1. I haven't been to Tangier since I was in my early twenties, and I'm longing to go back, it cast a life-long spell on me. Thanks for the visit.