When we were in the south of France 10 days ago, my sister and I made a wonderful discovery: we were wondering what to use to tile the tiny rectangular powder room under the stairs that has been out of commission for many years and made a very convenient broom closet/storage nook for a long time; it will soon be converted back into what it should have been all along: a very convenient powder room. We decided to go check out a small storage area under the terrace where we knew to be a big pile of cement tiles dating probably from the turn of the (20th) century when the house was entirely covered in them; (we suppose they were ripped up at that time to make way for the current wood floors which were no doubt considered more sophisticated and not as cold.)
There were various styles including a large number of very plain light gray ones octogonal in shape (do we have a plan for those!), as well as a few plain squares in a delightful shade of warm beige. A small number of "border"tiles were found also.
We decided on the pattern above, for which there is EXACTLY the right number of each style, including just two of the small medallion for the front corners. The result after a good cleaning and two shades of gray on the walls will be perfect.
 We are hoping none are broken during installation.

Wish us luck...

au revoir.


  1. What an exciting discover, beautiful tiles!!

    Art by Karena

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  4. Anonymous28/6/11

    Wow you lucky ladies. Love the designs and colour so much!


  5. These are beautiful tiles. Hope none break but if they do, install them anyway. Europe is full of broken tiles, gives floors and surfaces character.

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