#3, LA GYM

Yes, to be on a serious summer shape-up program, exercise is a required class on the curriculum. And not just a little walk here and a few stairs there, no, SERIOUS exercise.
So, I do what the expert tell me to do. I now go to the gym about 6 times a week on average (my mari americain- husbandis a great motivator). I use machines, a lot of machines, in the hope of achieving my goal: to be in shape by summer. Not just slimmer, but more fit in every way. 
How do I go about it? very simple. Here are my usual routines: 

15 minutes rowing machine, 25/30 minutes elliptical machine or 10 minutes legs, arms, abs machine each every other day.

There you have it.

But what to wear? 
Our gym is very low key. No fashion competition or any of that kind of thing: just a few very fit young ladies (and men) showing off their toned bodies. 

Nothing annoying, and mostly no parading around in the latest couture outfits. People are there to exercise and it shows. 

So what do I wear?

We are years away from these sports looks

and I am not quite ready to pull off this one

This is my no-nonsense get-the-job-done outfit

I think gym clothes should be worn at the gym, but I guess if you look like this...

Aaah, the commitment and discipline you feel when the idea of a few summer days by the water...

au revoir.

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  1. You're making me feel guilty! LOL! Good luck with the regimen.