This is was the living  room of the house I owned in the south of France and then sold in 2003 due to "environment" issues. The "environment" issues in question being a huge supermarket complex, built smack in front of it in what was green fields and a wonderful if tiny vineyard. 
I still miss my house and the surrounding landscape.
I loved the reclaimed "tomettes" -terracotta tiles- the contractor had managed to find so as to maintain architectural authenticity of the space. 
I loved the old beams. 
I loved the stone wall we deliberately left un-plastered to keep the rough feel typical of the area. 
Oh, well...not the end of the world. Just the end of a charming place.

I am helping a client design a house in Colorado. In one of the bedrooms there happens to be a stone wall. It was decided to keep it. For the mountain feel. 
Just as in my house, where I chose to mix modern lines and some "local" details, the rest of the interior of the space will feature some "geography appropriate" details like antlers, army blankets and thick raw linen headboards mixed with clean lines, relatively modern fabrics, accessories and furniture.
Her stone wall not only took me back to my dear house but also to images of spaces I have saved in my photo files which have a wall (or more) of stone of some sort.

This is the overallf look we are after.

This lodge is ALL stone yet it feels so cozy. 
It is definitely not Aspen...I am guessing Africa?
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au revoir.

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