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Today is a slightly different day on my blog: I was kindly invited to guest post at Tish Jett's; you know her, A Femme d'Un Certain Age, an enormously witty, informative and superbly written life style blog like no other. So I strongly encourage you to run to her inimitable blog, and this without further delay. 

If I blow my own horn in this outrageous manner, please forgive me, but I think you will enjoy this new addition to her column: Dressing up and Staying in. It's all about Sleepwear, Lounge wear and Seduction wear. What a fun concept. How could she even imagine I might turn down such a tantalizing offer.

A chosen few, very talented bloggers have participated in this greatly entertaining series in the past weeks, writers like Lisa of Privilege, Stacey of Quintessence, Marsi of Luxebytes and  Deja Pseu of Une Femme
You will find every single one of their guest posts irresistible. 
Trust me. 
You know Tish... 
and if, by some extraordinary circumstance, you don't yet know her nor any of her great blogging friends, do pay them a visit. You won't be sorry.
 I hope I live up to her and their challengingly high standards.

au revoir.


  1. Someone new to visit. Should be fun!

  2. Dear, dear Jeanne-Aelia,

    You add grace, elegance and style wherever you go. Merci mille fois for sharing your immense talent chez moi.

    One of these days we must collaborate again. This time we'll think "small" instead of overwhelming.

    We'll talk.

    Merci encore.

    Je t'embrasse,

    P.S.: How exquisitely gracious of you to mention all the others who participated in the series.