Here is my challenge: what bag to wear to a very formal charity dinner. 
No, I do not intend to wear miles of tulle or Satin Duchesse nor do I wish to arrive covered in sequins or shoehorned into a sleek "liquid velvet" number. 
No, I'll wear one of my usual, tried and true, safe black wide black crepe pants, with a plain cardigan-style chiffon jacket and black silk jersey shell and patent leather platform heels. I do not like to look endimanchee (too much "Sunday best") not even for very dressy affairs. 
Now, for the inevitable bag. A clutch is the best as it is large enough to hold the evening necessities including the checkbook for the silent auction, driver's licence and a few bits and pieces of make-up.
Here is what I was thinking:

Feminine lace? maybe a bit much

Sleek patent leather? too "matching-the-shoes"

a vintage piece? I wear mine ALL the time, I need a change

Maybe gold? no, too flashy

I know! I'll pull out my vintage chartreuse snake skin Calvin Klein and wear my long slightly "off tone" chartreuse chiffon shawl.
Yes, let's wake up all the black.

Oh, and long earrings to jazz it all up.

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bon weekend.


  1. I am with ya on the neon...very "in." What should I pack for Paris tomorrow??? I know stylish but comfortable shoes for daytime...or hello blisters. What else?

  2. Fabulous... the accesories will add the perfect touch to your classic evening attire!!

    Art by Karena

  3. Very cool post! I would have said the patent leather clutch but was immediaelt reprimanded and informed that it was too "matchy matchy" so it seems unanimous (in the most enforced meaning of the word) that Chatreuse is the way to go. P.s. A little glass of chartreuse on the rocks would go nicely with that outfit as well.

  4. classic.casual.home: The weather is supposed to be GLORIOUS! so dress for warm spring. If you want to "blend" I suggest no sport shoes but comfortable walking shoes in a "city" color, nice jeans with plain white T-shirts and a cute jacket or great shirt/blouse for day. Maybe a scarf also. for evening take easy black or dark pants, shells and nice jacket and a long silk scarf. I don't know if you are like me I always over pack. I have found that taking comfortable basics and a few fun accessories and yes, good shoes is the best. Have fun!!! don't forget a rain coat-you never know...
    Karena: Thanks for the support and visit.
    Dapper Dan: I'll see if I can find some chartreuse, ahah, maybe I will have to settle for white wine...thanks for the suggestion.

  5. Whatever your choice, it will be fabulous. You have so many beautiful options! Have a great time at the event!