THE dress

No, I don't anticipate anything like that.

Half the world, and there are triillions of us, is speculating about the DRESS. (The other half does not give a hoot- mostly "serious" human beings not shallow enough to waste time this way- but most women do care, wouldn't you say?). However a few among the half who does care would have you believe they are not all THAT interested, but don't you believe it.
I, for one, have been designing the dress in my mind and I have come to some kind of position based on photography, BBC and other TV commentary and my own personal take on this whole... EVENT.

The absolutely-nots:

Much too modern and un-wedding-like. She is young but this is too "out there".

The right style: waist draping and a figure hugging line, but too lingerie-like.

She is getting married in an abbey, not a monastery. 

The something-like-that, sort of:

Here, 2 comments: much too froufrou and much too loose, but a big color possibility

This is more what I envision: possible rosy/nude shade, flattering line on a thin figure, and the right amount of flare and neckline modesty

An intricately draped style à la Madame Grès might also be a choice as she seems to favor soft pleats and draping, but possibly more cover on the shoulders, this is a ROYAL wedding after all. 

She will have a long walk down the Cathedral, so there is sure to be an interesting train

or maybe just a long veil, maybe even of very fine heirloom lace

The accessories
I can it clearly now: a long thin line, a train and something stunning in the back, a shade like pale blush; and with that?

I see a small tiara, with hair left long but tied back; easy guess, I know.

and a pale bouquet, something out of the ordinary
Are you with me on this analysis?
We'll see...soon, I hear.

au revoir.


  1. We are all wondering and waiting for tomorrow. I pray for sunshine. You chose some beautiful gowns.. I'll be watching at $pm my time tomorrow..
    You made great choices. yvonne

  2. Love that first gown! I probably won't see the wedding tomorrow but I would love to see the dress!