One of my very favorite clients has a cozy, warm, dark library and finding the right furniture and accessories has been a challenge. We wanted to keep the character of the space without turning it into an English Manor "wannabe".
The original architecture- dark oak built-in fireplace benches, crown moldings, bookcases, floors, window and doors- was kept intact but stripped and stained back to its past beauty- but the design was given a shot of "modernism" of sorts with a table somewhat like the one below, very comfortable club chairs and a deep inviting sofa, velvet roman shades and curtains. A tad classic but in keeping with the mellowness expected of a library.
To avoid heaviness and all the "old library" clichés, the art chosen was definitely modern -albeit soft and warm- and definitely something to wake up the room: pieces along these lines.

Then came the time to introduce smaller accessories. My client wanted to display family photos in this intimate space. The obvious choice was brass. Silver looked too chichi, wood was already everywhere.
The ones we found were something like these and I must admit the effect is exactly what we both had in mind. 
Mission accomplished.
images via my notting hill, 1st dibs, fortaleza via ebay, nelson and nelson

au revoir.

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  1. This is a great library! Quite masculine. Ihave just bought a small coffee table like the one you have shown!