My sister used to swim in the Piscine Lutétia when she attended the nearby Cours Montaigne, a school which sent its students to swim in the Art deco pool every week.
La Piscine Lutétia was built in 1935 as part of the Hotel Lutetia which itself was built by Madame Boucicaut, owner of the Le Bon Marché, the only Rive Gauche department store of Paris, to accomodate her clientele from the provinces of France.
The pool was closed in 1970 but went on to house a number of stores, mostly clothing, mostly low end or discount shops, with the exception of Dorothée Bis.
To my knowledge, there are no photos readily available of the interior as it was back then, but if anyone does know of such images, please let me know.
La Piscine Lutétia is now the breathtaking left bank location for Hermes and it is worth a visit if ever you are in Paris. The building is protected and as such has retained most of the fabulous Art Deco structure and details and most of all the huge volume of the pool and its surrounding balconies and pillars.
The space is airy and large with a definite Art Deco feel, but what strikes you are the wooden structures, something like wood slatted tepees and the undulating matching stair rail.
There is a small teashop and a flower shop with Hermes-quality wares, stunning enough to make you want to buy each bud and its lovely container.
I spotted a magnificent raincoat and I definitely could have been very happy with one or two of the soft large colorful scarves on display. But reason prevailed...
I said worth the visit. Absolutely. A must see.

au revoir.


  1. That is so interesting! Imagine swimming there as a child! The pool I swam in at school was utilitarian at best!

  2. I had to smile about your raincoat, I can imagine what it cost!

  3. I've been trying to find the time to get in here, the days just fly by. WIll definitely work this in tomorrow when I will be in the area. Always on the lookout for tearooms.