To say that I love Murano glass is quite an understatement. Funny that the two kinds I like the best are totally opposite in style, in feeling and originate from such different times.
I swoon over every 1950's chunk of heavy amorphous glass yet I am equally smitten with the delicate wine and water glasses and their dangerously fine ornate stems.
On a buying trip to an Antique store with one of my favorite clients last week, I spotted a group of Venetian bowls on a stunning classic bureau and immediately thought that this was just the ticket for her living room coffee table. A little 50's, albeit very "classic" 50's, would perk up the room and give it an instant shot of modernism. She totally agreed and we were happily carrying out our treasures a few moments later.
I can only wonder at the talent needed to produce these pieces, at the patience and the dexterity and at the creativity obvious in every bubble, every gold or silver speck, every layer upon layer of color.

How can one not marvel at the subtlety of this smoky, foggy, creamy, precisely sliced slab of clear glass?
What artistry.
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au revoir.


  1. This brings back memories of a visit to Murano a few years ago. Fascinating to watch the glass-blowers. I really should have brought a ton of it home, rather than just a couple of pendants!

  2. Murano glass can stand out in a cluttered room full of trinkets. That is what i love about it. You can spot its quality and clarity a mile away. So glad you are trying to convert a client to the addictive habit of collecting it!

  3. Hello
    Thanks for sharing about Banksie- I love his bold graphic sense and his unpredicability. Please check out my oil paintings. Seeking greater exposure for a woman with a passion for painting like Van Gogh except I still have two ears! Ha!

  4. Hi! Thanks for posting. I have a similar piece as the clear/pink/silver/green bowl and was looking for more information on it. Could you point me in the right direction?

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