When we don't have guests, we eat most of our meals in the kitchen. Its convenient and convivial. 
Sometimes, depending on the relationship we have with them, it is where we have lunch and sometimes dinner with guests as well. It takes organisation and discipline and mostly a wish for a relaxed atmosphere. No place for big tralala in a kitchen. A detail most appreciated by hosts and guests alike I have noticed.
There are rules, however, if all concerned are to be comfortable and happy:

SPACE. No trying to squeeze between cabinets and chairs in a tiny kitchen. That is really no fun for anyone.

NEATNESS, neatness, neatness. Less (on the counters) is MORE!

SIMPLICITY: favor a one-dish meal like a stew or a Tajine, so nothing need be cooked while everyone is waiting... and watching.

I suggest another rule:
LOW LIGHTING. It's more intimate, it creates a great ambiance and a mess is less visible if one cannot be avoided.
images cote maison, cote sud, tom smythe

au revoir.


  1. Breathtaking kitchens! I love the rustic roof beams in the last two images. I think there are few things more comforting than a well appointed kitchen filled with good hearty food and happy people...

  2. These kitchens are stunning! Love the first one with its black doors and that lantern...wow! We eat most of our meals in the kitchen under low lighting, our table is just big enough for two so it's intimate.

  3. We often eat in our kitchen. All of your above rules apply. There is always a pretty tablecloth, a few flowers and sometimes, candles. The table is ready for impromptu one-dish meals...we have a lot of visitors "who were in the area" and just had to stop by.

  4. Your new rule of dimming the lighting in an eat-in-kitchen is brilliant.

    That first photo of the kitchen with the over sized latern is gorgeous. Black and white are so beautiful together.

  5. I would "eat in" in any of these beautiful kitchens.