My office chair finally broke down irreperably a few days ago. It was stylish with its modern brown leather with thick stitching around the edges. It was comfortable, it was easy to move around. 
For a while. 
Then, one wheel came off... AFTER the return date. I snapped it back on but that worked for a while and then, off again it fell. I have asked, but it cannot be fixed. I tried. Trust me. So, the time has come. A new one is needed. 
I am doing this the easy way- who has time to shop around for hours for an office chair?- It's straight to this great office furniture website. They have EVERY office chair on earth available. Color or black, padded or not, executive, side chair, adjustable, management etc. You name it, they have it. 
So, let's see.

simple and modern
but too basic

but too Rockefeller for me

designed to death
 too... Star Wars.

high tech comfort
but too evening news

No, the absolute truth is that I know EXACTLY which chair I want. 
I want the Eames Aluminum Group with no arms - the side chair. The style is not the issue here. I love the ripple stitching effect, the simplicity, the elegant line. 
No, the issue is what color.

too serious even in this soft warm office.


Yes! but which one? 
Very bold, the color of energy, a strong statement


Soft, soothing, the color of nature

One of each day of the week?
Just kidding. Great around a conference table but I have those covered in the shape of mid-century danish chairs just reupholstered in a leopard print linen.

Too clinical even with the wood floor and my wood desk and work/conference table, and there is no pure white in my office except for the boxes for fabric and wallpaper swatches

I have it!
Neutral, warm and a little feminine, goes with everything and the opposite of top-executive-with-a-corner-office look.
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 I am not receiving any compensation for this post

done and done!

au revoir.


  1. So many choices! Who knew they existed? (You did, of course!)
    With six cats I stay away from mechanical chairs and chairs with wheels, lest I pinch a wayward tail!
    Good luck with this endeavor! I am overwhelmed by all the options!

  2. Funny!

    I'm looking for a new desk chair, too!

    I like the red chair very much, but your ivory fits perfect to every style and colors.

    I will see!
    Best regards from Germany!

  3. I have a wonderful, comfortable chair that I can sit in for hours but wish I had purchased one with WHEELS! Your chair is a much better choice!

  4. Good choice Jeanne.I'd have to say I would choose the ivory too.I'm not practical enough to consider whether it would get dirty but the look is more important. (we can clean anytime!)A very swish chair with a touch of glamour and above all,it's different.That's the best reason for everything non?
    Have a fab day, Therese

  5. Would love to see a picture of your office with newly installed ivory Eames chair!

  6. Definitely the ivory one!

    But for me without the arms.

    Great post!

    Greetings from the Périgord

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