I was in a shop to have a silver plate teapot re-plated when I noticed a "for sale" sign above a polaroid of a floor lamp tacked to the wall. THE floor lamp I love, the 1950's Arteluce 3 arm "Triennale" lamp designed by Gino Sarfatti.
I tried to sound very nonchalant as I asked what the seller wanted for it expecting something in the thousands like the one I had just bought for one of my clients in a mid century shop in Soho. The answer was would 800 be OK , to which I said "I'll take it for 500". The answer to that was an immediate OK, done.  
I felt I had won the lotto! It sounded like he did too... He probably went home that evening and said to his wife: Honey, you know that ugly lamp from Aunt Mabel you wanted to get rid of? I sold it to a nut with no taste today.
It needed rewiring but apart from that it had all the original part and even the frayed original wire.
This is it. Well, an exact clone as mine is in the basement waiting to be moved to Paris to my son's apartment one day. It's basically "un-shippable".  For less than it cost anyway..

This one is the same one I bought for my client, the grays and cream perfect for her "cement (color) apartment", as we call it.

It comes in all white which is even more versatile and understated.
Great right?
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au revoir.


  1. So honey. I love above all these lamps. Cream is mine favorites among them, because I love the cream. I have furnished my whole house with cream flooring color and cream furniture.

  2. is it marked arredoluce?

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