Merci, merci, merci  Picture of elegance for so kindly giving me this flattering award. Coming from such a stylish blogger, one who entertains and informs us everyday with such a snappy and polished blog, I am very honored, needless to say .
However, I need to confess humbly that I am of two minds about receiving awards. 
Yes, I am truly grateful for all the implicit praise. Someone I do not know personally, but rather through words and images sent world wide over the internet, has taken the trouble to let me know that she not only reads my blog but finds it stylish. Now that is invigorating, encouraging and just plain fun. Thank you again Picture of Elegance.   
On the other hand the Award bestowed upon me has a catch. There are duties to perform. There are other blogs to praise. No, that is not the problem, of course not. The challenge is to choose. And then there is the little detail of giving away information about oneself. There again not a problem per se but rather a feeling that I have already said a lot about myself. More than enough.

Mais allons-y!

- Traveling is something I could do year round. Mostly to sunny places but there are few places I would not visit. Just give me a fair amount of sun.

- Mixing it up, mixing it all up, is my game. Portraits of ancestors with a mid-century lamps, a Moroccan Berber rug and a deep comfy sofa. Just no flowers. Too cute for me. Like Jacques Grange, my inspiration.

- I read books mostly when I travel. There. I have said it. Like children I much prefer picture books. I am visual. I choose a few images over a lot of words- and CERTAINLY over a lot of numbers. 

- I love movies except violent gory ones. Merchant and Ivory, un grand merci.

- When I cook I do what I always do: I improvise. Sometimes it's a hit, sometimes it's a miss. Not a good thing. I do make, however a great blanquette de veau; I say this in all humility as I follow directions religiously for a blanquette, so it ends up tasting good. Is there a lesson here? I have to be good at ONE dish and this one is a piece of cake, so to speak...

- and one last tidbit about me and then enough, I am sure. 
Blogging eats up some of my time, some times much too much of my time, but I have had a ton of fun since I started over a year ago, and reading all those wonderful blogs out there has made me realize how talented most people are. It's like going to design school. Very humbling.

And this brings me seamlessly to a list of just a few of the blogs I find STYLISH and very worthy of an award such as this one.

Bravo to all!
Before I leave you, dear Stylish bloggers, here is what to do next:
1- Link to the blog who gave you the award
2- Divulge seven things about yourself
3- Give this award to 10 of your favorite bloggers 
Au travail!
au revoir.


  1. Oh Thank you, how lovely !!!

  2. Anonymous27/1/11

    congratulations on receiving the Stylish Blogger Award...
    enjoy the day..

  3. Congratulations on receiveing this award! It's nice to know other people cook in the same manner I do!

  4. jeanne, thank you SO much for the award. It really means so much to me. And it's so wonderful to know a little bit more about you...

    merci, donna

  5. Congratulations! What's not to like about you? You travel, you cook, have great taste!!!
    Mary Ann

  6. Congratulations Jeanne, you deserve this award!

  7. Dear blogging friends, I am overwhelmed by so much support and by such kind words! MERCI!!! Your blogs delight me everyday. A bientot!

  8. Jeanne-Aelia, Many thanks for the award! I am very flattered. I will acept the award soon on my site. I have a bit of a cold at the moment and cannot type straight! But thankyou so much!

  9. Jeanne congratsulations so good to learn more about you!

    I too was given an award come and see more about Moi!

    Art by Karena