If you are a lover of gray as I am, you are probably a lover of silver, as I am. I love silver jewelry, silver boxes and bowls and of course silverware. What I don't have in my possession however is a silver room. A silver leafed room I mean. I have never had the opportunity to design one for a client either. And of the 3 show houses in which I participated, the only one that came close was a gray bedroom with a wall of Mokuba paper and that was light grayish olive wax paper. So, you see, not even close really.
However, I insist, I do love silver leaf on walls in spite of the evidence to the contrary.
Let me show you some spaces I find stunning and refined with one possible exception...you will very easily guess the culprit. Well, in fact, the culprit might be different for different readers now that I think of it. Let me know who you chose in the lineup. Such fun!
Spa Around the World (distressed aluminum leaf) exotic treatment

Marc Hampton via Picture of Elegance spectacular richness

Tom Clarke watery neutral

Ritz Carlton spa cool clean zen

Jeffrey Bilhuber variation hues

via Material Girls icy entry

Mathew Patrick Smyth sparkle

Epohbeech calm dining room

Judy Haltman  stunning silver leaf art/headboard

Teresa Cheek of Art's The Answer luxurious walls and ceiling project.

At Fontainebleau, Marie-Antoinette's boudoir, decorative paint on silver leaf

On the total opposite side of the spectrum and if you are into a grunge sort of look, you can silver streak your distressed walls...
As of today's date, my own clientèle would definitely NOT have been receptive to this application, no pun intended. But, one day, who knows. Definitely interesting.

au revoir.


  1. The Marc Hampton is amazing I would love to see it in the flesh.

  2. I still love the Jeffrey Bilhuber walls. Thank you for including me in your post!

  3. Dash: yes I love the richness of his treatment.Thank you for your visit.
    Theresa: I am so glad to be able to include your work. In image...not in situ here ...yet. Such a great look! Merci.

  4. I love that silver leaf art/headboard. I have several antique silver leaf picture frames that I love but I don't think a whole room would go over with my husband.

  5. absolutely beautiful walls. I think I prefer the glazed or burnished silver leaf...

  6. Just love the richness and sheen of silver leaf. Beautiful!

  7. Hi There, love your post - just discovered it through a friend. Also wanted to correct a typo. The Judy Haltman "stunning silver leaf headboard" is actually my work and is in my bedroom.
    Debbie Hayes
    Faux Design Studio, Inc.
    Greensboro, NC