Scott Waterman's studio
Why am I showing this great space? because on my post about Scott Waterman, the colors of one of his paintings appear totally different from the colors of the original work, and kindly, Scott brought it to my attention. 
The real version here below. 
One cannot let the inaccurate display of an artist's work go uncorrected. I know you'll all agree with me.

Scott delighted me by including in his email this wonderful image of his studio filled with some of his art and I must say, getting a feel for the size of his pieces, changes everything. They are definitely even more spectacular seen in situ.
Merci Scott.

au revoir.


  1. Beautiful....and inspiring! Thank you

  2. Thanks for the introduction to Scott Waterman. I'm looking forward to discovering more about him as I find his work really compelling...not to mention that studio: I *love* it! ooooohhhh...the gorgeous light!

  3. Such a fabulous studio! I want to visit!!!

  4. J-A thanks so much for posting my work!

    Thank you Heather, Leslie, Patricia and any whom I might miss!

    Theresa you'd need a time machine to visit that studio. I moved out of it in 2003. Fortunately it lives on in the blog world and I still have many of the mirror paintings and drawings.

    P.s. I've got some news about them coming up on my blog about my work with mirror imagery and there are two past blogs posts on them here:



  5. Wow, Scott' old studio looks amazing! Love his work so I'm off to visit the other two blog posts. Have a wonderful evening everyone!