This coat by designer Juna Watanabe, was featured by Paris blogger Geraldine Dormoy on the exceptional blog she writes for the magazine l'Express, l'Express Cafe Mode. Visit her blog, it is really worth it (it's in French but you can hit translate). I don't often find coats I like that are not bulky or very classic. This one is tapered and sleek. I would not wear it with Church's boots myself- you need to be long-and-lean, young and more stylée than I am- but I love the generous fur scarf in that warm beige and the shiny black leather. And of course the color. I love navy. Funny, if I think about it, I  have only a few pieces of clothing in navy but I do have scarves and short bottines, that I wear with black or gray.
There are millions of choices out there so offer is not the issue. The challenge is to see a coat and it is IT! 
Let's see...
Nice for spring but all year round with an added fur lining? not for me

Nice but too heavy at the collar

Nice but too dressy for everyday

No no no , no capes

Much too old lady
It's definitely the Watanabe coat I want.

In the meantime this is what I am actually wearing. 
I will need to do so for a good while longer I am afraid.
images geraldine dormoy, grazia, sak's 5th avenue

au revoir.


  1. With zero degrees out there the Down coat is what I wear. I have a sleek black long coat, Daughter said it was out of style. Happy Days it's chesterfield style, glad I saved it, keeps my legs warm. You made my day yvonne

  2. That is a lovely coat indeed!

  3. I'm laughing, I'm wearing a version of your coat....COLD trumps style!