I was looking for a dining table and a desk for a client at Briggs House Antiques in Mamaroneck, New York the other day, and came across this clock . It is extraordinary! The size, the colors, the patina. Wow! but no takers for the moment in my current client list...and I sure do not know where I would fit it at my house. Dommage.

A very large clock, no, a HUGE clock, like those found on clock towers of the 40's, makes an equally HUGE statement in a room. All you need is just that. Room. A lot of room. The breathing room found in a space with long walls and a very tall ceiling at the very least. Not everyone has the luxury.
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This has to be THE industrial clock par excellence as it is one of the actual clocks of an actual tower of an actual industrial building, now named The Clock Tower Bldg. in Brooklyn, NY. And the clocks work. There are 4 in this penthouse! and no, they apparently do not tic tac...

Isn't this soooo New York?
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(some imaged have been cropped for effect)

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  1. Nothing compares to the real thing!

  2. I have always wanted one of those clocks but like most people I don't have the LARGE wall space needed. Love then though.....

  3. I have always loved these huge industrial clocks and actually used to carry them in my showroom. I do gave one in my kitchen where time stays still...as it is not functioning..it is quite a nice feeling to look at the clock and notice no passing of time

  4. They are stunning! The one by the stairs is just divine! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  5. I love the concept too! Sadly, no space to pull it off though. I would love to see where it ends up.

  6. I remember when that NY Clock Tower apartment went on sale. I wonder if it has sold yet.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting