I remember clearly when my children were asked to bring fabric and ribbon scraps and hangers to school and were sent home a few weeks later with charming hand made wreaths for the proud parents to display. We hung ours in front of the dining room and living windows- they happened to perfectly match the red and white striped curtains that hung there at the time- and they decorated our house for a few joyful years.
The child - and the "green" adult- in us, can continue the tradition with gusto as there are now any number of how-to sites online eager to help mold all kinds of recycled materials into extraordinary wreath.

Reused book pages
Spectacular and great wow-factor-to-skill ratio

Old newspapers and magazines
Your basic Origami whiz will whip this up in seconds

Amazing amount of skill and patience

Plastic bags
Fluffy. Weather proof 

Street signs
You might need the help of uncle John's workshop for these

Soda cans
Not as difficult as it looks, instructions included

Old street sweeper parts
I'll just swing by the scrap metal yard this afternoon. No big deal.

Painted acorns
If you live in the woods and own a glue gun...

Coffee cup holders
For the regular commuter

For the nostalgic of Home Ec. class 
Remember all those red blouses I wore out?

To be re-recycled into a sweater?

Ladies and Gentlemen, one of THE scrap ribbon and hanger beauties...
ours have long ago been re-recycled.
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au revoir.


  1. What a sweet collection of wreaths using recycled materials. I especially loved the one using pop cans - would love to try that one some day.

  2. Anonymous23/12/10

    Lovely post today. It goes to show how creative people can be with just a few simple items. I particularly liked the one with the balls of yarn.
    Joyeux Noël

  3. Great post...as always! Happy Holidays and I look forward to more great posts next year!