Tufting: "The process of drawing a cord through a deep cushion giving high puffs of padding and small low valleys where the cord is drawn. Names are given to tufting describing the shape of the tuft such as "diamond," "biscuit," or "square." Buttons are often attached to cords to highlight the tufting design."-neirc.org.
There are many applications in interior design for tufted materials including  leather. The process makes a room feel warm, a chair look stylish and a door a shield from noise. A sofa becomes very classic or very modern, a headboard gets a geometric pattern and a bit of flair to boot, a nook becomes an instant cocoon. 
The thickness of the padding can vary, and the density of the tufting as well. It is this flexibility which determines whether a piece will look very rich or very minimal.

Tufted walls

...and "almost" wall

Chairs: classic, quirky, iconic, and very Jetsons modern

Trompe l'oeil
 Inviting plumpness

The traditional mattress revisited.
images: benita loca, flickr, thirteenandsouth, stylehive, knoll, casasugar, guy chaddok, design sponge, koziel, deco-plurielles

au revoir.


  1. my (hopefully) future walk-in closet will be entirely like this! LOVE!

  2. Nice variety of examples. (et on ne parlera pas d'autres capitons, beaucoup moins chic et qui se trouvent notamment sur les cuisses!)

  3. I like tufting but never thought of it for a wall, sort of like art, what a great idea!

  4. Definitely adds character to an otherwise bland object. It adds texture...something you can feel.

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