What are berlingots, you might ask.

Berlingots are hard French candies were made popular in the 19th century when they were offered to patrons of baths and thermal spas- curistes- to help them forget the unpleasant taste of the sulfur rich waters and concentrate on the health benefits therein.
The candies originated in Carpentras in the south of France, and were the work of the chef for Pope Clement V. They were made with the sugary syrup left over when making fruits confits, candied fruits. 
Nowadays berlingots come in a myriad of colors, each indicating their flavor. Their shape, a tetrahedron, -a four sided triangular shape- is now made with sophisticated machines but it originally started with a long tube of soft hot sugar cut with scissors first straight across the length, then perpendicularly to that ~1/2 inch down. 

As much as I like to eat the candy berlingots (especially anis), ARTHUS BERTRAND  in Paris make a whimsical silver version I even prefer...to wear. 
They have just added to their original line of fun BERLINGOTS based on the iconic bonbon. 

and are now offering an even larger choice of enamel colors and 'apps" so to speak..

Their new line features a double leather band made with exquisite silver details, adorned with a enameled silver "candy", and with many colors to chose from. 

Could the charmingly subtle sophistication of a berlingot with diamonds, no less, make your mouth water? 
images arthus-bertrand

au revoir.


  1. Those Berlingots are so much fun but I would rather have the one with diamonds rather than sugar.

  2. I totally agree. It's so much better for our health... that's what you mean, right?

  3. The candies are so beautiful...one can enjoy without eating.

  4. Anonymous7/8/11

    Just a pity they are so expensive. I badly want the blue one ^^