SOUTH OF FRANCE:A family home

Every corner has a surprise; 
A half hidden gazebo
A rocky grotto
A group of hydrangeas in antique Anduze pots
A tall nook under the double stairs
The old irrigation basin turned pool, a gentle shade of blue green
This is the farm house of the property...sigh...
The French emblem Cocorico catching the wind high above the roof line.
Au revoir.


  1. What a beautiful and special little spot !

  2. Hello Jeanne-Aelia, so very nice to meet you! thank you for joining as follower to my blog, - now I got to find yours- just beautiful. I tried to join as follower but will keep on trying- there seems to be a problem now. will def add you to my blogroll too since I do want to share your creativity and not miss out on anything!
    have a lovely week Colette

  3. Indie.Tea: I love that property. such mysterious charm so old world and so relaxed. Thank you for the visit.
    La Brocanteuse: I am so flattered by you kind words. I will read your blog every day and I'll be so happy if you do the same. Merci du compliment; a bientot.