When I think of summer I often think of the times I have spent by the seaside in the Britanny, France but also on the western and eastern coasts of Africa. 
One of our favorite pastimes was  collecting seashells and it is well known the seashells of African beaches are by far the most spectacular. 

Simply collected shells in clear glass container make a great decorative statement in an entry or on a dining room console.
I am as amazed by their beauty as I am impressed by the talent and creativity shown by those who use them as decorative elements. The degree of artistry varies from country to country, from item to item and from price point to price point, of course, but the shells themselves dictate the patterns and colors that will make each piece uniquely beautiful.   
Simple patterns are found on charming boxes and small pieces in inexpensive import shops   
While finely sculpted silver encases a Nautilus vase and a clever serving dish at the unique shop of Deyrolle in Paris

Spectacular mirrors adorn a grand bathroom

Shells dazzle in a window only the house of Hermes could have created
A graceful grouping for a fun beach house lamp

A very light and playful geometric display livens up a saside bathroom wall 

or a sunny corner shelf.
Imagination ran wild in the extravagant "grottos" of 19th century mansions
Modern versions of those  stunning  folies are still being created, some quite intricate 
some very graphic and contemporary

Mr Clement, a French retiree has amused and bemused the public with the decoration of his house in Siouville, France for years

And if you are really VERY fond of seashells... 
you might want to live in one.
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au revoir.


  1. come to Australia, we have lots of shells!

    that house in the last photograph is amazing.

    i've recently developed an obsession with shells. i've started collecting delicate shell jewellery and i even found a pink shell shaped soap dish at an op shop that i house my rings in (Kevin hate it, i'm worried i'll get home from work one day to find it 'missing'...)


    your blog looks beautiful, as always!


  2. Thanks Jessy, I also love shells and will certainly make a shell covered mirror... one day.

  3. Oh this was awesome! I LOVE seashells and saw some examples here that i had not seen before. All gorgeous!

  4. Terrific post - thanks!