Tomorrow morning I am flying to France and Morocco once again, but this time via Montreal for the last graduation in our family. 
Bravo Lys-Aelia!

Then it's on to Paris for a milli-second (or so it seems as usual).

Then a hop and a skip to Tangier, Morocco for a week with some of our favorite friends for our yearly girls' week.
Lots of walking, some swimming, some designing, great eating, unending talking and laughing, and still lots and lots of discovering.

And finally to Les Vans, Ardèche in southern France.
Some marché time, some design time, and some friend time; all great times.

As I will not go on with normal posting during the trip, as usual, (mostly because when I travel I like to fully take in what is happening around me, and it's not very easy to do that while continuing to concentrate on blogging, don't you agree?), I have scheduled a little something, one for each day I am away, for you to discover. Nothing long winded or very instructive or even very extraordinary, just a small present for you to unwrap if and when you visit my blog. There will be a lot of photographing, so a lot of reporting when I return. 

Patience, patience.
Have a nice time.  
I know I will.
au revoir.
à bientot.

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  1. You know I'll miss you my dear friend and partner. Have a wonderful, wonderful trip.

    We all look forward to your reportages upon your return. Tell us everything you bought as well. I love the shoes you found in Morocco -- so chic.

    Bon Voyage, ma chere,