This fun award has been bestowed upon me by Finnish blogger Helena Halme  , who shares with us her life in England with energy and wit.
 The Hello Lover - award. 
Helena has proven a very hard act to follow: Magnificent shoes and great images. 
"According to Forty Not Out ( the initiator of this amusing and challenging award) the rules are: 
You show off seven pairs of your shoes and then pass the challenge onto seven other bloggers."
So, here goes.
First allow me to make a few comments before introducing my shoes:
HEELS: I almost never wear them. No, I am not 6 ft. tall. FAR from it. It's just that I would much rather walk, run, and climb and descend stairs without breaking my neck. And, taking my reasoning  further, even when I must be poised and cool and collected, and I don't need to run, i.e. in the evening, I cannot stand on heels any higher that an inch, (on the odd brave day, or on days I refuse to be the shortest one around  -and with the current heels, I am ALWAYS the shortest one around- I will give in to fashion trends and go to the somewhat dizzying height of 2 inches.  Tops...)
So, having explained the basics of my shoe purchases, here are the seven shoes I have chosen to share with you, some relatively old, some relatively new, all super comfortable, none super trendy, as in a-million-straps-and-8" heels-and-bright-green-suede trendy:
Dressy easy
Embroidered flats I have had for a while now and the ones I wear with an all black outfit and a green, red or even black clutch.

Dressy dinner
Short heels in gros grain with black snake accents on the heel.

Very dressy
The dressiest : again short heel shoes with a ballet shoe colored ribbon to be wrapped around the ankle a few times.

Serious client meeting
1/2" heels with grommets and nailheads in the most divine Hermes-red suede.

Bright and fun and easy
The least expensive brightest ones: flats bought in Morocco with hand made pompoms. Shamefully IN-expensive. Absolute slippers.

Summer in the city
The funkiest: snake skin loafers from Marrakesh that I can wear with almost anything from khakis to black linen pants. They, also, feel like slippers. Heaven.

Summer on vacation
Sandals in the perfect shade of red. Easy slip-ons. Great with white linen.

And now for part 2 of the award, the blog roll of my Hello Lover Award recipients:

Participate if you feel so inclined. I would LOVE to know what your choices would be. 
But, we are all very busy, so no pressure.

au revoir.


  1. I think your shoes a fabulous.... very elegant but comfortable too - beautiful indeed!

  2. You are so kind, Semi Expat! Yes, comfortable they are, and I can live in them which is even better. I do wish I could wear high heels as i am the shortest person in my family; this includes my siblings and my children...very frustrating. Merci a bientot.

  3. Ah, what a WONDERFUL SURPRISE! Thank you so much for nominating me! I'm flattered & excited! I LOVE your Moroccan slippers. They are AWESOME. i have never seen anything quite like them! And the loafers from marrakesh? wow! Looks like I need to go to Morocco! lol! This was so fun to read. I can't wait to go find my 7 faves. What a perfectly fun thing to do on a Sunday afternoon. :)

  4. THank you you for sharing this award with me, and to be included in such a lovely group Will take care of this asap. Love your collection, especially the red Moroccan with the pompoms. I used to wear heels all the time in the States. Now that I'm in Paris I slip on a high pair only occasionally - I just can't seem to manage these cobblestones - Ouch!
    Good Sunday,

  5. Cashon&co and Bonjour Romance: I can't wait to see what great choices you make! Thank you for participating. A bientot.

  6. omg i love those embroidered shoes!! LOVELY!!

    and congrats on the award!!