I am regularly approached for "a word" of design advice. What would YOU do in this and that case?
This is not a rare occurrence and as flattering as it is to be asked, giving advice for a space you usually have not seen is not exactly like driving blindfolded but it does feel a little like driving without a rear view mirror; not really impossible, but pas très comfortable. 
Hence, this column: 
I will post  general advice in answer to non site-specific questions I have been asked. 
You may participate, of course. 
That would be so much fun. 
Just keep it relatively general, if you could. 


Eugenie: I have a spare room that I want to convert to a bathroom, but I want the feel to be more room-in-which-to-bathe than just a conventional bathroom.

I have a good number of creative ideas to make you wish come true; I'll sort them according to what sort of room yours may be:

You have the luxury of a fireplace

you have great wood floors

your room is large with tall windows and ceiling
In all these cases you will want to choose fixtures and accessories that are more akin to furniture than to the usual bathroom fare: 
1) free standing tub and vanity style pedestal sink. If you need a separate shower, try to incorporate it in a way that won't necessitate a curtain or door, like a step down basin
2) chairs and curtains more reminiscent of a bedroom 
3) tiles that don't scream bathroom and not necessarily tiles on the walls except where they must absolutely be protected
4) very decorative paintings whether antique or modern large or grouped 
5) decorative mirrors (as opposed to typical bathroom medicine cabinets)
6) small area rugs that are not bath mat like, even antique Persian carpets
7) light fixtures and hardware more specific to a bedroom or living room, like chandeliers and wrought iron rods
8) small accessories like stools, pedestals, small chests of drawers and vanities
* for all these choices as for any bathroom, and even more so in this case due to the furnishings and decorative pieces, it goes without saying that the key element here is, of course, PERFECT VENTILATION.

You may also chose to give you new, large, unconventional-place-to-bathe an additional twist.
You may want to add an exotic touch
The Moroccan Hammam

The Oriental Spa Pool

If by some serendipitous twist of fate you have very tall ceilings with beams:
The French Country salle de bain.
all images marie claire maison
I hope this helped. 
If you have any topic you may want me to analyze or any design question you would like answered, let me know at un petit commentaire below. It would be so much fun for me to put my 2 cents in. 
au revoir.


  1. How beautiful all these images are.. I would so love a bathroom like any of these!! If there is room (which I would imagine there would be) a small sofa would be very luxurious too...x

  2. Yes Semi Expat, that would be so nice and cosy and luxurious! merci.

  3. Ooo, if any of these were in my home, I would never leave them. Do you think it is possible to order take-away to your bathroom? Perhaps it would be best to have a manservant who can cook too.

  4. the pool spa? oh my goodness that is gorgeous!!!!

  5. Beautiful! I loved every single one.