She was beautiful, intelligent, modest, curious of everything, loyal without fail, kind to everyone and respectful of all; she loved the Roman and Greek civilizations and architecture and used all her passion and talent to "dig" and conserve their theaters and mosaics; she knew how to knit, sew, and cook. She spoke every language she ever had to learn with the same thick French accent.  She loved Irises and Crème Chantilly. She had the bluest eyes. She could sail the Aegean Sea for weeks just to please our father. She did not hesitate to pick up a heavy fallen stone to "save" her centuries old garden walls. She never wore costume jewelry; she was elegantly dressed, perfectly coiffée and wore lipstick always and until the end. She never ever panicked. She never ever crumbled. She really was a rock, a beautiful gentle rock. She always encouraged us with enthusiasm, complimented us with pure sincerity and admired us with no limit; she, the mother la plus admirable that ever was. 
We, in turn could not but admire her no end. 
We miss her still as much after these 2 and a half years. 
For our mother adorée and for all mothers everywhere. 
Bonne Fête des Mères
Don't forget to encourage, compliment and admire. 
It's our turn.

This image from one80three60
I guarantee it is really worth a look!

au revoir.


  1. Anonymous9/5/10

    That was a beautiful tribute and yes, it is our turn.
    X David

  2. Merci David. She really was all that and more.