C'est vendredi 
today's fun find
I LOVE tea; I drink it all day if I can. Usually Green Tea, sometimes Earl Grey, once in a while Lapsong Soochong; always with soy milk. Not very often do I drink loose tea. I can just hear the grumblings of the tea purists. Do not judge. It's just too time consuming to do it right, most of the time.
My dear grandmother Manou, a REAL tea lover, never steeped a tea bag in her life; and NEVER added milk - nor sugar for that matter- and surely not du lait de soja
Always the Anglophile, she always stated that British etiquette dictates which to pour first, the tea or the milk. I don't remember which. If I have any British readers today, please remind me. 
Not to worry, I'll go on drinking my tea made with tea bags. Soy milk. No sugar. 
To my great amusement, I keep finding so many different style teabags out there! Who knew creativity would apply to this mundane but delightful petit objet .
The pyramids
The clever slip-proofs

Political teatime
Custom tea time

Witty tea time

Zen tea time
images via omaaga, bridalshop, dragon water, curiousphotos, sunwills.com, tierraunica
Have a great cuppa
bon weekend!
au revoir.

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