Like a lot of people, I dislike snakes very much. They scare me to death.When they are not alive and slithering, that's another basket of snakes. As a matter of fact, the ones I would like to show you now are quite nice. Very nice.
Who would not want one of these around the finger or the wrist? Just if you must wear the skin of the little scar creature, make sure it's all imitation...

Rings that make snakes a little friendlier.

via wideawakethoughts
allisondanieldesigns and inyourfashion

And this extraordinary vintage piece from Chanel
Kenneth Jay Lane and vivre.com
or this merveille around the neck?

or on your jacket- inyourfashion
and then there are the other accessories
Judith Leiber
Christian louboutin  and Bergdorf's
Jimmy Choo and Prada 
Body Candy

Via hisnibs
If you really wanted to look like a snake, a sinuous curvy body would be the basic requirement, wouldn't you think?

fashionbeans and vulcano.uk beachwear.

And if this option is not realistic for a million reasons, then just pepper your home with one piece. 
No more than one piece. Please.
ceramica cielo
decorpad and indochine-decor
au revoir.


  1. Bonjour Jeanne-Aelia, I too, am quite "respectful" (terrified!) of live snakes, having been surprised by them in the backwoods too many times..but I must confess sighing in relaxation looking at the gorgeous jewelry you have collected for us to see..all of it wonderful..I really like the gold pin with the giant diamond head!

    invigorating post this early in the morning for me!!



  2. Bonjour, Kit, Yes the pin is my favorite of all also. I prefer snakes this way than dans la nature! Thank you for you lovely comments always. Bisous

  3. I have a fabulous dior snake bracelet that has "poisin" perfume inside.
    It was a gift from my Mother-in-law and I treasure it.

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