Here spring is looking like Spring should, but it is not acting like Spring should. brrrrr. But now as flowers are bravely sticking out their lovely heads, I am reminded of balconies.
Balconies. You can just barely lean over for watering duty on some , while on others, you can walk out and tend to your plants relatively comfortably; balconies are by definition "standing room only"; larger than that, and you are on a terrace and that is a totally different proposition; then, it is the quasi equivalent of a garden, a space where to entertain, sit down and relax, pure luxury; In Paris, as in many cities everywhere, everyone's dream is to find an "appartement avec terrasse"; if the only one available is "avec un petit balcon", well, the answer is usually: we'll take it; the "balcon" becomes a large planter and at the very least, you have a view of lush greenery and multicolor flowers out of your living room French doors - depending on how green your thumb is. The added bonus is that, if indeed you are one of many budding florists, you allow the street to come alive with a multitude of pretty flowered windows for the pleasure of all who walk by and happen to look up. These are balconies from here, there and everywhere. All really nice, except... you'll see.

private quarters

generously long displays
modern rythm

"variable" talent 
well...there is no giving up in Balconies.
images quivivravera, pizzodisevo, paris insolite, luigi pdv, jack, theophilos, carina10, judy knessel, via flickr

au revoir.

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  1. Love them all, the last one made me smile!

    I am often amazed what people try and grow in a window box :-)

    Bon week-end,