The day has finally arrived! 

Tonight I am flying off to Paris and then Morocco -Tangier, Marrakesh, and the southern dunes of M'hamid- for 2 weeks. 

I am VERY excited but I am also VERY sorry; as there will be very unreliable internet connections at best, if any, I will realistically not be able to have my weekly discussion Transatlantic Parallel with ma chère amie blogueuse Letitia Jett nor The London Bulletin produced by my great friend Nan Mabon during that time. So, the laptop stays behind. 

However, as I do wish to entertain you as best I can in absentia, and I shudder at the idea that I might be totally forgotten, I have scheduled some posts for you, so please do pop in once in a while:

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That's easy, just what I would wear here in NYC; non? I might have to pack items I don't even wear here, half the time, like a ton of very larges scarves warm boots and a winter hat? Oh, non...hope not.
I am sure, on the other hand, to find a space for a few pieces of fun jewelry, great scarves for evening and shoes that can be day or night, and ça ira. I won't be in Paris very long; dommage, but the trip is first and foremost about Morocco.
For that leg of the trip, I need to plan for warm weather during the day, cold at night, some "more urban" outfits and something appropriate for the 4 day circuit in the dunes of southern Morocco.

This is my basic list:
- a saharienne- a safari jacket: lots of pockets and easy to wear.
- comfortable khakis and spring pants
- good shoes- we will walk A LOT!
- a nice large bag to carry all the goodies we are sure to "need" to buy.
- a warm fleece sweater for cold desert nights.
- a "chèche"- a large cotton scarf for the sun, the sand and the wind; you know, like the REAL Touareg...

and sunglasses, bien sur; always the same basic Ray-Ban's I have had for 25 years at least; never lost them, oh, miracle; my "camera for dummies": great shots every time; and I must not forget the lip balm. And then there are all those annoying chargers and transformers, a Blackberry, reading glasses etc.; and the toiletries -serious rationing of those, in a 20kg. suitcase! oh, well.
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Can't wait to be there! 

When I return home there will be a MILLION images to share and I will post some, bien sur, but let me reassure you: design, style, "moods", interiors, and breath taking vistas ONLY! none of me atop that poor bored camel...) 

A plus tard, mes amis.

au revoir.
 سلام salaam

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  1. Jeanne-Aelia, I am right there packing with you, enjoying all the planning vicariously! (Can you believe I've had the very same RayBans for 12 years now too, never lost?? I was just remarking on that to my husband!)...

    Not to fear, we will all be eagerly waiting your return with all the tales of your exotic travels! Lucky you!

    Faites de beau voyage et bon vacances!!