TABLE SETTING: Salt and Pepper

I am very sorry to say that I have had to postpone Nan Mabon's Wednesday column
The London Bulletin 
until tomorrow; The pile of work on my desk on my return from my 2 1/2 week trip to Morocco has made very difficult to stay  on course; 
I apologize to you and to Nan; but please tune in tomorrow. 
A demain.

Sel et Poivre
Les Fêtes de Pâques- Easter weekend- has made me think of dinner parties and dinner tables; always one of the fun parts of hosting a dinner party for me,   is weighing my decor options: a very classic table, all white starched tablecloth and napkins, silver shakers and tall candles: my humble version of grand? or perhaps a more fun, vintage look with a different vintage salt and pepper shaker for each guest with multicolor linen placemats, and 40's Vallauris pottery candlesticks? more fun...or what of a more earthy table exotique with metal birds to hold the salt and pepper, ostrich eggs, ivory accessories on a sand and taupe damask tablecloth and smoky brown water glasses? Yes, that, I really like.
The deadline will push me to decide. As usual.

 les grands classiques: for a more formal table

les naturels: ivories and dark browns

les amusants: '50's shakers for each guest

 l'insolite: for a homesick Parisian?

images unknown via flickr, kevin colombu and JADHny

au revoir.

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  1. The Eiffel tower one is so cute, but my favorites have got to be the white and black tall ones. Classical yet modern. Love that post. Thank you