T.G.I.F. BENTLEY... laptop?

C'est vendredi et...

today's fun find

Non, non, non, it's not a Bentley! although, if you are dying to spend ~$170000, I am certain it can be fun to drive.
No, I am thinking more about the appropriately named Ego Bentley laptop. "Complete with cross-over hand-stitching, a seemingly transplanted car door handle, and a few (substandard) specs, the laptop is most certainly not worth the £10,000 ($19,943 US) asking price. "- endgadget.com

On a different note, and if you are still in a big bad car mood, but can't really justify a Formula I, perhaps you can feel more reasonable buying one of these sleek lawn mowing bolides.
images via funforever.net

alors, amusant?
au revoir.


  1. That laptop is wonderfully obscene!!!!!!Now I want that for my birthday!And I don't know about those mowers I mean who?????????Fun Post!Maryanne:)

  2. I know! obscene is the EXACT right word! for all... Merci, Maryanne.

  3. I love that laptop. Just a beautiful design. I wonder which rapper will get one first? I go with P. Diddy or JayZ.

  4. Suzywhat a fun comment and you are SO right... merci.

  5. Why hasn't anyone thought of making a laptop look like handbag before? It's so obvious. I want one. Now.

    Great stylish blog, I'm new and will be back.

  6. Merci, Helena. I am so happy you came and visited and yes, please be back. The laptop handbag...a little pricey, non? a bientot.