Ox-eye windows


Oeil-de-boeuf, also œil de bœuf, (French, "bull's eye") is a term applied to a relatively small oval window, typically for an upper storey, and sometimes set on a roof slope as a dormer, or above a door to give light. Windows of this type are commonly found in the grand architecture of Baroque France. The term is also so often applied to similar round windows that this must be considered part of the usage. It is sometimes anglicized as an "ox-eye window". The term initially applied to horizontal oval windows, but is also used for vertical ones.-wikepedia-
I love those pretty round or oval windows called Oeil de boeuf that you find on Paris roofs and most everywhere in France on old houses. They come with all kinds of decorative details carved in stone or cast in zinc or copper. Some are as simple as just a hole cut into a stone wall, some are extremely ornate complete with curlicues, garlands and flower motifs, always very elegant like a very decorated dot on an "I". Antique metal ones, especially zinc oeils de boeuf  have come up in antique stores or brocantes- flea markets- everywhere in France; Some stores have made antique and reproductions into very spectacular mirrors which really "make a room". 

Authentic Oeils de boeuf decorate roofs and walls of many old houses in France

reproductions give great style to a room.

and fabulous looking wood ones from the Restoration hardware catalogue
images restoration hardware, mise en demeure, google images

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  1. Great blog and lovely post!!!

  2. Great architectural details...I'm in love with these! ~Lili

  3. Gypsy Purple: Merci, merci, merci.
    Fearless Nester: Yes, I totally agree they are great architectural details wheter inside or out. Thank you for visiting.

  4. You had me with the title! I love all the varied uses with the oeil-de-boeuf architecture.

  5. Theresa, yes it's a fun name and a great architecture detail. And using an oeil de boeuf inside is so stunning. Merci.

  6. I just discovered you - what a delightful sight and I love that you gave us the name for those round windows - oeil-de-boeuf! Love it. Thanks!

  7. Love the antique zinc ones.I used to import them and they do give a great fun twist to room.

  8. Francine, oui celles en zinc sont superbes. Merci d'etre venu sur mon blog et a bientot j'espere.