The American owner of Antiques Resource, the enormously successful antique furniture and accessories sourcing and buying service in London for the past 17 years, is a weekly contributor to my blog; she has the most exquisite taste, she knows the London market thoroughly and will certainly dazzle us with her choices and reports from one of the most lively, most trendy cities in Europe.

Desk in a Box
"A few years ago a client with two young children and a shortage of space asked me to help her find a desk that would be "child-proof".  When I came accross a "Desk in a Box" at a London antique shop, I was thrilled and so was the client.  I had never seen one before and was amazed at the efficency of the concept.  Clearly its  ancestors are the French "Secretaire" and the English "Bureau Bookcase"  but this 1950's invention takes the design into the modern world." 
English version mid-1950's, comes complete with it's own lamp
 Outside a solid oak cabinet with a lock for privacy

French 50's one is slightly bigger and also has a light inside
 Applied moulding to door front gives a more elegant, less utilitarian  look to the outside.

 1950's Danish oak desk in a box  with ebonized base
 Interior similar to English version

images antiques resource

  merci beaucoup, Nan.

au revoir.


  1. This desk is fabulous and so efficient, especially for a small apartment. I am amazed. When it's closed, it looks like a lovely piece of furniture.

  2. This are great. I want one. The only trouble is once I started to use it, it could probably never be closed again. I am working on my organizational skills, but. . .

  3. Sam and Tish: yes, what a clever idea; but I completely agree with Tish: mine would never be able to close, not if I considered really doing actual work on it... a great way to keep thing organized I guess, on the other hand.