Fornasetti: ses miroirs

Most of us are familiar with the work of Piero Fornasetti. 

We have seen these plates EVERYWHERE.

and this pattern

and maybe even this piece

What I have not noticed as often are his mirrors

 playful and ornate

The very simple round convex ones below are my favorites. They are designed as an over sized pocket watch albeit a very minimal one. They are made to be hung from a very plain undecorated flat "nail". 
I was asked by my dear friend Nori in Montreal to "bounce off" some ideas with her for a client who owns fantastic modern pieces and wanted to redesign her vast apartment and reorganize her collection. One of the treasures she bought a few years back is the Fornasetti mirror below. We decided that the best place for it was at the top of the stairs leading up to the apartment on very simple black and white Fornasetti-esque wall paper (I say "esque" because it is a very simplified version of a Fornasetti pattern as a "real" one would be too overpowering for the space) I can't wait to see how this fabulous project comes out.
images brillantehomedecor, brooklyn museum, artnet.com, el-mundo.net, lavienerose.com, the-artist.org, curiositel

au revoir.


  1. I like those mirrors too, they look great whtn there's more than one on a wall. I love the way they reflect the whole room. Maryanne :)

  2. Merci, Maryanne, Yes you are right the impact is much greater when there are more than one and the different reflections are stunning. A bientot.

  3. Love, Love Fornasetti! Nice to see some slightly obscure pieces..Good post.

  4. Merci Theresa. So supportive as always.

  5. Ah I've been looking for a sorcerer's mirror, didn't know this kind...just missed out on one last week at Drouot.

  6. Beautiful mirrors, love them stacked in threes, stunning!