By Nan Mabon from London

This is the very first article for The French Eye of Design London Bulletin by Nan Mabon, owner of Antiques Resource in London, the enormously successful antique furniture and accessories sourcing and buying service in London. I am delighted that Nan will be a weekly contributor to my blog; she has the most exquisite taste, she knows the London market thoroughly and will certainly dazzle us with her choices and reports from one of the most lively, most trendy cities in Europe. So without further ado, let me leave the page to Nan.

Mid Century Lamps

My career in sourcing antiques spans the last 25+ years, starting off in New York, then Italy, and finally London since 1992. I love the fact that taste has changed dramatically over the years and am particularly glad that the era of chintz is behind us. Mid-century furniture is now plentiful in London and British dealers are buying all over Europe. 50's and 60's lighting from Scandinavia is in fashion now, especially Orrefore glass lamps. Often, you find them with their original labels on, probably because they are collector items in Scandinavia. Many of my US clients have bought multiple pairs.

These are Orrefor and the price range is about 850 £ for the pair. I have sold these to clients who frequently use them in a bedroom.

Below is a pair of Murano lamps from the 1960's that I bought at the King's Road shop Guinevere a few years ago. They were an "investment" purchase but I found them irresistible since we lived in Venice for three years and thought they were a great compliment to the Ida Kholmeyer painting which we have owned for 30 years.

This is our conservatory with Liberty Moroccan style tables circa 1910, vintage Lloyd Loom chairs mixed with a painted, 19th century French canape. I love this type of Orrefor lamp, and also own a pair of dark blue ones with a slightly different design. All very ecclectic but they work together.

Below is an Italian standing lamp from the 50's, part of a constantly changing inventory of Italian lighting that is all sourced by an eccentric Genovese who lives in London and operates out of Alfie's Antique Market on Church St. near Edgeware Road.

This is a 60's lamp in chrome and brass, probably English; it is a real classic and works well with a variety of styles---even the very traditional ones.

Below is a French lamp, probably a 50's copy of an earlier design from the 1940's.

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Nan, Merci,Merci;
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  1. Great post! I so enjoyed all the photos and info - I've been in love with antiques ever since I was a little girl tramping through boutiques in the U.S. with my mother who had a wonderful eye for design.
    I'm looking forward to these weekly installments from London!

  2. Thank you very much. I am so pleased you like this post. I am so happy nan mabon came on board and she will be delighted to know you commented so kindly. A bientot donc.