T.G.I.F. Victorian laptop?


today's fun find

Richard R. Nagy aka Datamancer constructed this "Victorian" laptop out of wood, glass, watch parts and brass fittings. It works, it looks fantastic in a paneled library but portable? probably not. And the case? Fortuny velvet? in any case,no pun intended, what a technical and decorative feat!


images via www.foreverfun.net

alors, amusant?

au revoir.


  1. This laptop is beautiful - a first in the world of computers. I use a laptop and would stach it in a drawer as soon as I was finished because I hate the way it looks, but now I use it too much and very rarely bother hidin it anymore. This is the perfect solution! Hmmm, now my brain gears are starting to spin....:)

  2. Pardon this second comment, please ignore all the typos in the first note. I'll use the lame excuse of getting up too early.

  3. Aloha,
    I enjoy your blog,
    looking forward to visiting again
    Aloha wishes from across the sea

  4. Bonjour Romance, I am not sure where they are sold..ahaha but maybe a computer "cover" you can stick on, or the new designer Dell mini netbooks are sold with different patterns on the top cover instead of black or solid colors.
    Queen B you are such a supporter! Merci.

  5. Old world glamour meets modern technology - what a splendid idea! Now that I´ve seen this I actually feel quite inspired to try something similiar on my own...

  6. Great! I'd love to know what you come up with ; let me, us, know. Thank you. a bientot.

  7. Richard has mastered the artform of "steampunk"! I LOVE this!!!!!! Looks like something that would have been on Captain Nemo's desk in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

  8. You are so right! I wonder if the keyboard is fun to write with. do your fingers turn green after a while? Thanks for the comment. a bientot