Opalescent Glass

Opalescent glass is one of my favorite materials and noone could shape it better than the two French Maitres Verriers, glass masters of the 1930's, Rene Lalique and Marius Ernest Sabino.  I have collected a few pieces over the years and I never cease to be amazed by their delicate coloring. 

vases, bottles, boxes 
Ernest Sabino

Made in France unsigned

Ernest Sabino

 Ernest Sabino

made in France, unsigned

comfortable, shimmering, light, inexpensive. Moroccan, silver and opal glass. love.

I got this Lalique heart and I never stop wearing it. It goes with everything as it changes color depending on the color I wear. such is the beauty of opal glass

and a lovely object
This sweet fish was given to me by the house of Lalique during a Designer Showhouse in which I participated ; how could they have known I am a Pisces and that I love opalescent glass. They must have a crystal pressed glass ball designed by Lalique.

and other pieces, to be admired...
Sabino was inspired by the Eiffel Tower like many of his contemporaries

a Sabino libellule, a dragonfly

Totally off subject: I could not resist including this magnificent, delicate image from a blog I love, Au fil de...  It is just like opalescent glass, don't you think?

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au revoir.


  1. Love the lalique heart. Looks very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sooo hard to shoot the characteristics of opalescent glass! You have some nice photos! I love the clamshell perfume bottle. Nice post.

  3. Je viens de découvrir votre blog , et j'aime ( je sais rien d'original ) mais la qualité de vos posts est très interessante et inspirante

  4. Gayathri: I love the heart also. merci beaucoup.
    Theresa: You are so supportive!comme toujours. merci
    Melanie: merci d'etre venue sur mon blog; continuez s'il vous plait ca me fera tres plaisir, merci et a bientot.

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