The brand new year is calling for un petit peu de piment, here at the French Eye of Design; so, skipping any unnecessary fanfare, let's go straight to the point or rather to the annonce:
The French Eye of Design will have three new features this year:

Nan Mabon, the sophisticated and knowledgeable American owner of Antiques Resource, the London antique furniture and home accessories sourcing and buying service, and a very, very dear friend, has kindly accepted to be my London Correspondant and share with us a weekly London Bulletin
Nan will report to us what she has discovered to be noteworthy, new, unique and otherwise remarkable during her latest forays into the London Antiques world she knows so well. It may be a trend she has spotted, or an exceptional piece she has found, or some great item worth bringing to our attention. 

Tish Jett, whom you all know from her exceptional blog A femme d'un certain age, has generously agreed to play a weekly game of Transatlantic Parallel;
Let me explain: Tish and I will pick a subject or subjects (something we can both analyze from our own side of the Big Pond) and we will juxtapose what we find, think, love, miss or even won't manage to live without from now on, each one in our adopted patrie. Tish, from the point of view of an American woman living in France with her French mari, and me, the exact opposite, French and living in the States with my American "sweetHart". You can flip  from one to the other and have fun with our two parallel point of views.

The French Eye (...moi) Every Friday, I will feature Ah, ca c'est amusant, an item, or look, or "truc" that I have noticed and that has made me smile, laugh, open my eyes in wonder or even think c'est vraiment ridicule...mais amusant- ridiculous but amusing.

Et voila! this is what is going to be on offer here in 2010. I hope you will find it all informative, pleasing, amusing and positively captivating...
au revoir.


  1. What a great plan! I look forward to seeing these special features on your blog in 2010!!

  2. Thank you Jamesxvi; I will work hard to make it other than the best laid plans of mice.... A little piment will do my blog a lot of good and of course, it will be done with a little help from my frieeeeeends...