We display our ornaments once a year. only once. and yet, we are always beckoned by those latest on offer, more attractive, more pricey, more amusing, more trendy (more trendy? yes, you read right); not just one more sweet one that is brought home from 1st grade; maybe we will buy just one new one this year...we buy them, we give them, we make them, our children make them, our celebrity designers create them; we break them... and so we buy them, we... a huge industry for just once a year! but, oh, such wonder and beauty when we display them.

exclusive NYC shops

Bergdorf Goodman


Barney's NY

Saks 5th Avenue
classics with a twist



Atelier de Betty

 made by hand, by little hands

made by nature

It's time to display in beautiful bowls, arrange on long branches, scatter on starched tablecloths, line up on stately mantles;
so many possibilities, so little time.

images balavenise, massilianana, tete a modeler, cre'ana, marco.nc , aheartinprovence, catimini via flickr and google and takashimaya, saks, barney's, bergdorf goodman

au revoir.


  1. Oh yes what wonder and beauty when we display them and what memories we keep when we continue to add a new one each year and hang the "old" ones from years past.

    We have a family tradition where we add something -- only one mind you -- special each year. Usually it is found by the family member who travels far away and comes home with something surprising and wonderful.

    I'm so excited for you know what. . .


  2. I love your tradition of only great surprise one; we had the school ones at one time, so that was at least 5 or 6; now we rotate our ornaments according to the mood we (I?) feel like. This year (this week end) it will be ... we'll decide when we come to that bridge... maybe it will be a post? ummm.