Indoor shutters


Every time I go back to Paris and look up at its stunning old apartment buildings, I never fail to notice one of my favorite things: through the window panes I will often spy tall beautifully crafted interior shutters. I have seen some very similar in New York City also, now that I think of it; when open, they usually conveniently nestle into their own recess on each side of the window. What a perfect concept! Who likes to open a window on a rainy evening and have to reach over for the shutter knob to pull them shut? and they add such style to a window from the inside, and as I said, peeking through the window on the outside facade .

Chateau of Azay-le-Rideau, France

shutters made of abaca cloth, a natural hemp-like fiber.

images ofilde, citypix, marie claire maison, jasno via google and room17 via google

au revoir.


  1. Love these shutters....and in fact, I am about to install white shutters throughout my townhouse. Wonderful for privacy and breezes too.....elegant too. Thanks for the inspiration!

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