Hostess Gifts

It is not always easy to find a thoughtful hostess gift and this is the time if ever there was one, to put a little effort into this endeavour as 1) there is a great number to be given at this time and 2) hostesses are receiving quite a few these days and the self inflicted "uniqueness competition" is on. The bottle of wine or Champagne is always nice.. relatively facile but creative enough in a pinch, and always very welcome.
The hostess was moi, the other day, and my adorable guests found the perfect little cadeaux for the occasion. Here is a glimpse (in alphabetical -first name- order)

I love les parfums pour la maison and this one is FANTASTIQUE! clean, slightly flowery smell, not too sweet. This is going to replace my usual rite: a scented candle burning ( I love Mizensir) or a pot-pourri (Jo Malone 's are heaven) merci Ann

A tea ball with a tiny tea cup at one end of the chain for our favorite Lapsong Souchong loose tea; no fishing out the leaves nor the boule à thé after tea time. And we drink gallons of tea...merci Anne

Macarons. Crunchy and soft at the same time. chocolate and vanilla. perfect. period. merci Anne, for this delicious treat also.

The snow has arrived and what better than a piping hot cup of chocolate from Williams Sonoma to forget the cold. yummmm...merci Diana

Anything encouraging me to stay organized and anything made with proverbial Japanese refinement (here from Awagami) is ALWAYS a very big hit with me. merci Donna

How does this guest knows me so well? we have met only a few times... am I that transparente? home made biscotti. such a personal gesture. merci Pascale

and FOR my divine guests

An ornament on each bread plate; a nod to the dessert, poires au sirop de thé vert /menthe: pears with green tea/mint syrup

One last word:
MERCI mes amies for the kind attentions and for your fun, interesting, and always chic presence. (a lot of black and white and all shades of gray was worn...tall boots and thin legged pants. I was the only one with a bit of color: a purplish rouge cardinal scarf on a grayish celadon sweater). And BRAVO for finding the perfect little something; non, vraiment you shoud not have, mais merci tout de même, beaucoup.

au revoir.

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