Furniture and sculptures

I find these two sculptures magnificent. They have a naive primitive quality to them and yet surely represent hours and hours of precise, patient, blinding work.
On the left A Mexican Huichol statue from Nuestra Tierra, on the right, an African one, made by the Bamileke tribe of Cameroon.

art from the Kuba Kingdom, Congo and on the right, Cameroon

Chair gallery Seven Continents
These chairs are African thrones and are entirely covered in intricate designs made with tiny glass beads. They would make a striking piece in an entry way with a soft spotlight shining down on them. All six pieces are the work of the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria, West Africa.

Patricia Griffin Brett:
Harvest Basket and Tribal Magic

This artist had crafted small baskets from glass beads and glass fruits; the smooth interiors of the bowl are perfect foils for the chunky colorful exteriors.
beaded phone...why not?

Of course this is an antique and as such can be transformed as "artistically" as the designer wishes...
images kentucky arts, lalla lydia via flickr

au revoir.


  1. These are fantastic. Thank your for your visit and your very kind comments! You know, most of the interior designers and decorators I know don't even tell their clients that many of the items they use in their homes are from thrift shops or flea markets. It's such a delicate situation with clients, I'm sure. I know one guy who bought a set of six African masks at a flea market for a super fancy client and the client didn't even realize he had only paid $100 for them at a flea market until I talked about it on TV!! Anyway, thank you for the visit and the introduction. Stan

  2. Thank you for the kind words. If you have the time and the inclination to read some previous psts you will notice mentions of flea market finds ( for ex. plates from Woluve in Brussels.)I am curious to know what TV show you are on. Please let me know. And a bientot on your great fun blog!

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