Today I would just like to share images of some of the stairs that have caught my eye here and there; indoor staircases and outdoor stairways, some very old and some very much newer; a few are spectacular, others are movingly modest, but all have that quality that always appeals to me: the rythm of their regularly arranged steps.

Chefchaouen, Morocco; dead ends are washed with blue lime

Greece. all white wash and deep blue sea

London. charming  garden steps

Montmartre, Paris. famous and discouraging

New York City, West Side.  iconic stoops

Tangier, Morocco. very challenging, very old steps

Paris.  an Art Director's cool new apartment, old steps conserved

graphic simplicity

France, official buildings,  grandly historical 

  New York suburb, graciously sweeping curve


Paris apartments

multitasking  as shelving

images: AX, alongi, kapotsis, living etc., via flickr and JADHny

au revoir.

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