There is such refinement in monograms; it says quality, luxury and attention to detail; of course it also whispers this is mine and don't forget it...
monograms are sometimes so complex as to become illegible; sometimes very modern and graphic; they confer personality and individuality and are always very decorative

my grandmother Charlotte had hers on her "accessoires de toilette" in the 20's
monograms on everyday accessories I love to use
 delicately embossed on an elegant note card
 American "Quill work".  an exceptional work of art
hand painted on ivory hemstitched bed linens
 simple bed. very minimal monogram. a touch of sophistication
very classic twin monograms in a funky Floridian bedroom
initials as modern art
curlicues on gilt wood; very "Beauty and the Beast"
carved in stone for an old world dynasty
a bit of Barbie, a hint of the 50's; simple and chichi all at once
images Elle Decor, flickr, JADHny

au revoir.

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