What is luxury; for a start, it is something totally different for each and everyone of us; so I might as well tell you what luxury is to me; in fact, I will illustrate a few of my ideas of absolute luxury with images, some of which will make you think, "well, of course!", while others may just surprise you. or not.

the luxury of a flawlessly executed craft

the bicycle by Hermes, Paris

  the Pippa chair also by Hermes, Paris

the Fornasetti flawless leopard trompe-l'oeil chair

the stunning Arman sculpture coffee table

Lalique's breath taking crystal

hand embroidery  by Jean-Francois Lesage

custom hand made reading glasses by Customeyes

custom lingerie from Cadolle, Paris

fabric made from the web of the Golden Orb spiders of Madagascar

the luxury of the exclusive

a private railcar on the Blue Train in South Africa

a private bungalow on a far away beach

the luxury of something priceless



the luxury of something rare

the exceptional "tomates russes" of  Huguette, the "dynamo" farmer in the Ardeche, South of France; they taste like no other. period.

and the images, like this incredibly magificent one of a luscious tomato, (just like Huguette's) of the most poetically stunning blog: www.ofilde.canalblog.com

the luxury of space

and of course,

the luxury of  time

images hermes paris, lalique, fornasetti, cadolle paris, customeyes, luxury insider, ofilde, j.f. lesage, flickr

au revoir.

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