Circles and straight lines are the basis of geometry and everywhere you look you will find these two figures even when it seems the shape is really "free form". Nature, surprisingly, has produced flawless curves and perfect straight lines, not only in the mineral world, but in the vegetal sphere also. Artists have always drawn inspiration from Nature and, of course, from other artists. French school children in chemistry class, learn the maxim: "Rien ne se perd, rien ne se crée, tout se transforme" -Antoine Lavoisier ; loosely translated: Nothing is lost, nothing is created, all is simply transformed. (he was speaking as a chemist, not a designer...but oh, so true.)

Yves St. Laurent

Mondrian influence on design projects

Sonia Delaunay mimicked in South African telephone wire basket
Sonia Delaunay

Islamic Art inspired designers

including David Hicks
David Hicks

 astonishing geometry in nature

the circle: pure geometry
Gaudi, Barcelona
geometric precision in hand-made crafts
Lalla Mika, Marrakesh

architecture imitates nature

images eglantine, tengtan, annemaiel, xjavierx via flickr, beatrice tiberi

au revoir.

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